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    User filter with an extract

    Lawrence Roakes

      We use Active Directory and I'm using AD groups to present the proper data to specific users based on their AD log in.  This works fine in individual workbooks.  I want to employ this on an extract data connection so I don't have to re-create the user filter on every workbook.  I created and published the extract with the user filter.  However, the user filter does not appear when I connect a workbook to the extract.  Is there a way to get a user filter published in an extract to work?  Thanks!

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          Hi Lawrence,


          The ability to add user filters to published extracts can be a complicated process as outlined below in this section of the Tableau Product Help Guide. The two links "Defusing Row Level Security...Part 1 & 2" give an excellent breakdowns of how to achieve the desired results with an extract.


          Extracts vs. live connections with user filters

          The related topic describes how to publish a live connection with user filters. Publishing extracts with user filters has its own complications around row duplication and performance. These are not addressed here.

          However, we can direct you a comprehensive discussion about row level security with extracts, on a blog maintained by a Tableau Sales Consultant who has extensive experience with this area. See the following two posts:

          Part 2 contains what our Sales Consultant refers to as the “scalable” approach. This is described in the Advanced Solutions section of Part 2.

          Disclaimer: Clicking these links will take you away from Tableau.com. Although we make every effort to ensure links to external websites are accurate and relevant, Tableau cannot take responsibility or provide support for the external content.

          For further help with publishing extracts with user filters, we recommend that you work with the Tableau Professional Services team.

          Source: Restrict Data Access with User Filters and Row Level Security 


          I hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Lawrence Roakes

            Thanks for the links!  The challenge I have is this.  I've created a user filter in the extract.  However, the user filter (set) is not present when I connect a workbook to the extract data source.  If I open the extract itself, the user filter is present.  Why is it not available in the connected worksheet?

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              Rajat Rao

              Hi Lawrence Roakes, were you able to find a solution for this? I have a similar situation wherein I have a couple of workbooks connected to the same data source and I want to ensure the user level filtering happens at the datasource level. any suggestions?


              - Raj

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                I have a similar issue and I could not find an answer in the links provided by Patrick Byrne


                I understand the problem using row level security with extracts when trying to join with another "security table".

                But, in my case I simply want to add a manually created user filter to my (extract) data source. Not using any JOIN with another table.


                It works fine when applying the user filters to the workbook itself but not when applied to the data source.
                When I connect to the published data source in Desktop and try to impersonate one of my users, the data is not filtered.

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                  UPDATE: the filtering does not work in DESKTOP as indicated above however it does seem to work when the workbook get published to the SERVER and is accessed online.


                  Is it a normal behaviour?