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    Percent Reduction in a Measure over time


      Hi Guys,


      I have a data set that has a list of unique ID's that are assigned to a seller. I am trying to calculate a percentage difference from the overall count of seller ID's to the current count today. I have converted the Seller ID's to a measure to get a distinct count and then I have created a calculated field to separate the ID field into two measures essentially. The calculated field is as follows:


      IF [Date]=TODAY() THEN [Seller Id] END

      When I try to calculate the percentage difference between the two it will not allow this because they are string values, but upon changing the data type to a whole number I get 0 or nothing back. I have also tried turning them into integers in the calculation with no luck:


      INT([Sellers])-INT([Seller Count (Current)])/INT([Sellers])


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!