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    Summing sales on different timeframe

    Stephen Bava

      I am trying to create a view that allows me to select a timeframe for contracts which are expiring and then show me the sales. The issue is I don't want to only see the sales for a given month, I want to see all sales for X time period that end in that month. E.G. Expiration date is 3/31/18. There are $100 in sales in 3/18. Currently I would see $100.


      What I want to see is for all sales associated with the expiring product, going back to whatever date I set. Expiration date is 3/31/18, there are $100 in sales in 3/18, but there were $400 in sales in 2/18 and $500 in 1/18. Therefore, I want my 3/31/18 expiration date to say $1,000 in sales instead of $100 in sales.


      Attached is a sample workbook, albeit not a good example.