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    Computations with aggregate fields & graphing them

    Tanner Harlow

      I have an excel sheet that contains each item that a person purchased at a grocery store, the day that it was purchased, and its price. I would like to compute and graph the average price per trip to the grocery store for each person against the number of trips they took.


      Field names: Name, Date, Price


      I compute Distinct Trips to the grocery store with COUNTD(DATE). I compute Total Spent at the grocery store across all trips with SUM(PRICE). I am able to make these two appear on a scatterplot with Distinct Trips as the X and Total Spent as the Y for each name, but I would like to see the average amount spent instead of the total spent. When I change SUM(PRICE) to AVG(PRICE) it gives me the average price per item purchased by that name. When I create my own custom calculation of Total Spent/Distinct Trips COUNTD(DATE) gets confused and divides by 1, so this calculation just returns Total Spent.


      What am I doing wrong? How do I compute average amount spent per visit?