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    Index calculation and filtering

    jonathan kassak

      I am using Index to rank admit dates for the same patient. A patient's medical record number never changes, but their account number changes with each new admission.


      For example,  for MRN1, admit date  is 2/2/17 (index 1), and their next admit date is 3/4/17 (index 2)

      For MRN2, admit date is 2/5/17 (Index 1) and they didn't have any other admit dates (so no Index 2)


      This is working and I am able to create a workbook that has Index 1 and Index 2.

      or a workbook that has just Index 2.


      Is it possible, to create a calculation, perhaps using "Index" that would display only those records that have BOTH Index 1 and Index 2 ?

      I am not interested in displaying the records that solely have Index 1 or solely Index 2.


      I was thinking of something like:

      if Index() = Index 1 AND Index 2 then.....


      Again, I want to be able to select/display rows that have BOTH Index 1 and Index 2.


      I am probably not helping a review of this by not attaching a workbook.


      Can you think of another option that I might employ to display data in rows when there is an index 1 AND index 2.