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    Snowflake - Tableau Server - SSL connect error

    Susan Klug

      Dear Snowflake / Tableau Admin experts.


      I have searched high and low and not found anyone experiencing this issue, so I'm asking here!


      I am trying to narrow down if the issue is in the way I have setup my Snowflake connector, or if it is a Tableau Server configuration issue, or is it a Snowflake talking to Tableau issue?


      We have a small test case that connects to Snowflake pulls 100 rows and responds with an updated extract and workbook just fine, so I know the login is correct, the connection through Tableau Server and back from Snowflake works.

      However if we do a larger data pull, say 100,000 rows the request always fails.  Our Snowflake admin is speaking with them about what this all means, but I thought I'd ask here in case it is a Tableau config error on my part.

        Yes we have firewalls, I've been told that we have white listed the aws ip address ranges required. 



      Session ID: CB5AB3BF7CCE400BAC1AA532971F320B-0:1


      [Snowflake][Snowflake] (25)


      Result download worker error: Worker error: [Snowflake][Snowflake] (4)


      REST request for

      URL https://sfc-ds1-customer-stage.s3.amazonaws.com/dzm2-s-ssca0803/results/ecabf3f0-8e61-4ee2-baa0-0365947c96e0/main/data_0_0_1?x-amz-server-side-encryption-customer-algorithm=AES256&response-content-encoding=gzip&AWSAccessKeyId=[edit out]&Expires=[edit out]&Signature=[edit out]

      failed: CURLerror (curl_easy_perform() failed) - code=35 msg='SSL connect error'.


      2018-01-08 23:23:32.169, (WlP9GAoKAhMAAA1UqMIAAAIg,0:1)


      Would you like to reset the view?



      Thank you for any advice,