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    Kevin Gagel

      I'm getting this error in the npm cmd screen when I try to access data using my connector.

      "180109/133044.681, [log,connection,client,error], data: {"bytesParsed":0,"code":"HPE_INVALID_METHOD"}"


      I've been trying to debug what the issue is but so far not getting anywhere. I'm trying to make a connector for informer reports. I've started off with a really easy report that returns a single column with just 20 or 30 rows of data. I can get the data using a url in my browser so I thought I should be able to use that url string as my data connector's url as well - but I just get this error.


      Looking into log.txt in Tableau doesn't really give me anything to go on except perhaps the following which seems to be telling me nothing was returned, which considering the above error is understandable.

      {"ts":"2018-01-09T13:30:44.791","pid":13864,"tid":"924","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{57E97193-94EE-4157-A1B1-C390F2010A57}","user":"-","k":"end-query","v":{"cols":2,"elapsed":0.116,"protocol-id":2,"query-category":"Data","query-hash":2396373445,"query-trunc":"<multi-table-query>\n  <from>\n    <tables>\n      <table id='Department' tableau-alias='Department'>\n        <column-instances>\n          <column-instance column-name='Department' id='Department' />\n        </column-instances>\n      </table>\n    </tables>\n    <joins>\n    </joins>\n  </from>\n  <increment-info increment-value='' is-increment='false'>\n    <column id='' is-filterable='false'>\n      <table id='' tableau-alias=''>\n        <column-instances>\n        </column-instances>\n      </table>\n    </column>\n  </increment-info>\n</multi-table-query>\n","rows":0}}


      So, what exactly is the HPE_INVALID_METHOD all about? I'm using the script suggested through the WDC Tutorial here WDC Tutorial. Any suggestions on how to debug this further?


      I forgot to mention in the simulator I get this error in the browsers debug console.

      Tableau Error.png

      I've blurred out the url site. The npm cmd screen also shows the same HPE error as Tableau does.


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          Kevin Gagel

          This seems to be caused by the Tableau proxy. I have to use the proxy because of the issue raised in "WDC Working with CORS". From the simulator I can see that when the proxy is used nothing but the HPE error is returned. When I copy paste the URI string that is passed to the proxy into my browser I get a timed out error.

          Proxy Timed Out.png

          When I don't use the Tableau locally running proxy the data is returned.

          Direct Provides Data.png

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            Kevin Gagel

            OK, I've figured out that the simulator will not work with HTTPS. So I can only debug using Tableau itself.


            Switching over to that I've been able to eliminate all errors in logs and on screen. Just one problem is left for me to conquer. There is no data returned and the data update never does anything beyond "getting" data. I've done a packet capture and it looks like Tableau is routing through outside servers to connect to my data source. If that is truly the case then it will never work because of firewall restrictions.


            Can anyone confirm if the public version of tableau routes through outside servers or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

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              Kevin Gagel

              OK, I figured out (through the Tableau debuger) what is going on. While I'm trying to get data from a "web data source" the data is plain text and not encapsulated in HTML tags of any kind. Tableau is taking my schema and looking for table/tr/td tags and not finding them. I'll have to change tactics and retrieve my data a different way.