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    Unable to install tabcmd on macOSX using the instructions given on the internet

    Ankita Nagpal

      I have been trying to follow tutorial on how to install Tableau's tabcmdon linux. Found here:


      The first set of instructions don't work as I'm not able to install any ruby gems. The second set of instructions work :

      Copy the tabcmd.jar file from c:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\7.0\bin\ to an empty directory and unpack it.  > jar xf tabcmd.jar  > rm tabcmd.jar  Modify tabcmd/common/ruby/lib/tabutil.rb so it looks like this:  require 'java'  #require 'tab-tabutil-dll.jar'  #Tabutil = com.tableausoftware.tabutil.dll  module Tabutil    def self.force_fault  end    class Tabutil  def self.setup_fault_reporting(p1, p2, p3, p4)  end  end    end  When done, pack up the whole thing back into a jar file:  > jar cf tabcmd.jar .  When you have the jar, create a command file to run it with the following contents:  #!/bin/bash  export APPDATA=.  java -jar tabcmd.jar "$@"  Grant executable permission to the file and you're done:  > chmod u+x tabcmd  Test with:  ./tabcmd login --server --username emarsys 

      But on running ./tabcmd.sh, I get the following error:

      no main manifest attribute, in tabcmd.jar 

      I also followed the answer below and created a manifest.txt file and added the following line:

      main: JarMain 

      But still getting the above error.


      Can someone please help me get tabcmd on my Mac! This is very annoying that there is no official version of tabcmd available for linux!

      I just want to be able to download the PDFs of the reports programmatically.

      Please help!!