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    dashboards with different datasources common filters

    oscar vicente

      good afternoon,


           I'm facing the following issue :

                I'm working with two data sources which handle different levels of details.

                Table A: relation 1:1 lets say summary data per row. total amount  and total time of processing per document.

                Table B: relation 1:N level 1 data , where for each document we have the total number of steps per approver.

                There are certain fields which exist in both tables.

                When i work with the worksheets  separate there's  no issue.  The problem comes when i need to use them in the same dashboard and use a common filter.

                Let s say there are worksheets which have to  still work at level of granularity in table A and others working at the level B.

                For what ive been searching there are two options to make common filters in dashboards.

               1) via a parameter and calculated fields. which are visible in both individual worksheets attached to each datasource this doesn't help me since requires manual update, and most probably restricts the analysis comparison.  per quarter month etc.

               2) using a worksheet only with the dates and use it as a global filter. Here the problem comes when i need to drill down the dates granularity i.e quarters or moths

               my question is will this possible to be achieved via data blending? is it possible to use calculated field as link between primary and secondary sources? , will still be possible to define the worksheets with the desired granularity per worksheet as per table A or B and still use the global filter?


      Thanks for support