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    I can't Paste Data as Data Source at all

    Filipe Banzoli



      I'm not being able to paste data as Data Source and, therefore, I am not being able to save to Tableau Public.


      I'll show in details my problems.


      I can Import the data (.xlsx) into tableau, but afterwards I cannot paste Data as Data Source at all..


      Video 1.gif


      The problem that appears is:


      Unable to establish connection: Data source 'Text file' has not been licensed.

      The table "[TableauTemp].[Clipboard_20180108T204042#txt]"does not exist.


      I did the process again and then appears this:


      Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.


      Ok, I did in a format .CSV and then it happens the same thing...:





      Tableau Data Engine Error: 512: Text file has no lines

      The table "[TableauTemp].[Clipboard_20180108T205140#txt]" does not exist.


      I like so much data analysis, but at the first step in order to build an analysis I'm having this issue already..


      Thanks for your attention and I'd really appreciate any help or thought!

      *PS: I'm using tableau public 10.4.2