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    Job Opening: Analyst in BA group (Boston, MA - Next to South Station)

    Amit patel

      The BA team is looking for an analyst to join the team. Below is the Job Description. Email me if you are interested at apatel@coverys.com or click on the link below to apply.


      Current Openings


      The Business Analytics Department is a centralized unit within Coverys but with enterprise-wide scope, authority, and responsibilities.  It is primarily accountable for the following functions:

      • Data Governance and ongoing Data Quality
      • Data Tracking, Aggregation, Reporting, and Comparative Benchmarking
      • Business Intelligence, including Data Acquisition, Statistical Modeling, Analytical Methodologies, and Analytic Software Acquisition

      The primary goal of this department is to operationalize Coverys’ strategic vision of analytics as a key distinctive capability.  In that context, the department has the responsibility for the growth of high-level analytics, consistency of analytic methodologies across the enterprise, and implementation of steps to necessary to create an “analytics culture”.  Specifically, the Business Analytics (BA) Department will provide the following:

      • Consistency in analytic skills, methodologies, and applications
      • Centralization/communication related to all analytic efforts, enterprise-wide
      • Analytic initiatives that require collaborative participation by and between multiple departments
      • Ongoing training and skill development to ensure that individual competencies are both strong and consistent across the organization

      Position Summary

      The Analyst will be accountable for developing an in-depth understanding of Coverys business units, and then for:

      • Asking key questions related to the growth or strengthening of the business
      • Identifying the right data to mine as answers are being sought
      • Leveraging analytics and technology to solve business problems; developing innovative answers to complex business challenges
      • Producing actionable intelligence for the organization
      • Developing tools that will allow for users to access key data indicators, benefit from associated analytics, and apply findings to their everyday practice.

      The Analyst will actively support the growth of a dynamic analytics environment by working with various business owners to craft solutions to meet their business and information needs. Position Purpose & Objective / FocusThe Analyst is responsible for harnessing vast amounts of data to optimize business results.  He/she will exercise their knowledge of descriptive and multivariate statistical techniques and applications, and database analysis tools and techniques to develop strategic insights that will ultimately drive business goals.  The Analyst will be highly visible in advancing the state-of-the-art in how data is applied to both answer questions and solve problems throughout the Coverys enterprise, particularly focused on all its existing and emerging lines of insurance.  The Analyst will also bear responsibility for teaching others across the organization as to how they can effectively work with and make meaningful conclusions that drive business decisions from vast quantities of data. Essential Duties & Responsibilities

      • Extract data from various applications and systems, particularly large relational databases; manipulate and explore data, develop analytic approaches using quantitative, statistical, and visualization tools
      • Develop actionable insights from large sets of data using data mining, statistics, and database techniques.
      • Work with business units/business teams to identify problems in areas where data mining, statistics, and other advanced analytic methodologies can provide sharper decision making.
      • Establish links across existing data sources and find new ways by which disparate data sets can be brought together.
      • Assist in the data quality process by leveraging tools to automate checks and reports
      • Work closely with the Coverys Data Governance body to ensure effective protection, integrity, and high quality of data assets.  Analyze data quality issues, identify root causes of data defects, and continually seek ways by which high confidence in Coverys data can be sustained and strengthened.

      Education, Requirements & Qualifications:

      • Undergraduate degree in the field of computer science, business analytics, mathematics, or statistics.
      • 1-2 years of experience in applying advanced analytical methodologies in leading large, cross-functional projects; prior experience of collaborating with business units and teams, preferably in an insurance company setting.
      • Experience in Data Quality
      • Experience with R or Python, Tableau or PowerBI.
      • Experience with SQL is a plus
      • Experience with CRM and web analytics systems and process is a plus
      • Highly skilled with Excel
      • Experience with office tools (PowerPoint, Word, and Visio) Analytical background/skills.
      • Ability to not only work well independently but to function seamlessly in a team-based, collaborative environment.
      • Ability and willingness to document and provide training to other team members regarding troubleshooting resolution and technical solutions.
      • A commitment to the highest standards of data accuracy, methodology integrity, and ongoing data quality.
      • A demonstrated capability of working on multiple projects simultaneously, with high functionality in a fast-paced environment.
      • Must possess a strong passion for empirical research and for answering hard questions with data
      • A flexible analytic approach that allows for results at varying levels of precision
      • Ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner
      • Strong technical documentation skills
      • Highly self-motivated and directed
      • Keen attention to detail
      • Strong customer service orientation