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    Input multiple values into one parameter all at once

    Ella Meng



      Im creating a tableau dashboard and facing a challenge and wondering if anyone has figured it out already.


      Due to large dataset, I chose to use parameter on a Live connection.


      On my dashboard, there is only one parameter "ID NR".


      When user open the dashboard, only this parameter is shown on the dashboard to allow user to input ID Nr.


      Once user input one ID NR, the dashboard shows all information related to this ID NR.


      Now the challenge is that user wants to input multiple values into "ID NR" all at once.


      For example: User has ID NRs : aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd. Instead of typing aaa --> run---> get a report with one row (id= aaa); typing bbb---> run ---> get a report with one row (id=bbb)..., user wants to type aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd ---> run---> get report with four rows (id=aaa, id=bbb, id=ccc, id=ddd).


      How to achieve it in Tableau?


      Hopefully I express the challenge clearly.


      Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!