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    R and Tableau: Mann Kendall

    Elizabeth McNair

      I am using R with Tableau and I want to report the results of a Mann Kandell test in Tableau either as a tooltip or label.


      I am not able to get the numeric value that is the result in R to show in Tableau.  I keep getting a '1' or '0'.


      The result in R is:


      tau = -0.448, 2-sided pvalue =< 2.22e-16


      Here is the code:


      > result<-MannKendall(LIB_complaints$Total_Days)

      > result

      tau = -0.448, 2-sided pvalue =< 2.22e-16

      > as.numeric(result[1])

      [1] -0.4477439


      I want to capture the tau value and use it in Tableau.


      The calculated field is:





      result <- MannKendall(.arg1);


      ATTR([Total Days])




      Instead of seeing the value -0.448, I see 1.


      I have also used SCRIPT_INT and I get the same result.


      How can I get the actual value from R into Tableau?


      I am using Tableau 10.4.0


      You will need to run Rserve to see the result in Tableau.