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    Can you move Tableau Server log file to different drive?

    Glenn Taylor

      Is it possible to configure Tableau Server to have the base program installed on C:\ drive, but have the log file write to a different (larger) drive, like E:\?

      Does the log file need to live on the same drive as the program itself?
      Thanks for your help!

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          Hi Glenn,


          Hmmm, I afraid that's quite dangerous to do so. Feasible, but dangerous.


          There is no way to "split" an install of Tableau Server so that one part lives on drive <x> and another on drive <y>. Sorry.


          If you really, really want to do this anyway, there are some unsupported mechanisms you could lean on - like the use of symbolic links (and the windows mklink tool) to "redirect" a folder to a different drive. This is all about the OS, though - nothing to do with Tableau Server.



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            Gerardo Varela

            Hi Glenn,


            If you really wanted, theoretically, you could modify the workgroup.yml to point the logs to a new location. This isn't supported though.



            Alternatively, you can go the support way.  Just run a script nightly to zip up your logs and move them to different drive. Something to the sort of:


            tabadmin ziplogs -f

            copy logs.zip \E$\Tableau\Logs\ /Y


            tabadmin commands




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              Hello Glenn,


              Additionally if performance is an issue due to the log file size, or if this is a concern, the files can be cleaned using the Tableau Server's native features. Running the cleanup command can remove older log files from the Tableau Server.




              tabadmin cleanup


              + Remove Unneeded Files



              When you run tabadmin cleanup with Tableau Server running:

              • Log files older than the log file rotation interval are removed from ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs. The rotation interval is one day. Active logs and log files from ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs are not removed.
              • Temporary files are not removed.
              • Files that are in use (that is, locked by the operating system) are not removed.
              • Rows for HTTP requests that are older than seven days are removed from the http_requests table of the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database.



              Byrne, Patrick