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    SQL Database adding Tables without linking

    John Giannaris



      I have about 6 different tables on our SQL database. I want to use these to create dashboards for our dept.


      I've tried creating a "new" data source for the specific info I want per the tables. This works as long as the data is on its own worksheet. If I toggle to another worksheet that is connected to the same server/different tables (renamed for the data I need), then it "red" blocked out until I relink it. I essentially have about 6 tables that have specific info that I would like to have on the same worksheet. The "date" is the only common ground and when I try to join them the data is inaccurate. I'm in this "wack a mole" scenario.


      Is there a "clean" way to connect to a database, pull in several tables and display the info on the same worksheet w/o having to "link/join/union"?