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    Interactive World Map in Tableau

    Daniel Zimmer

      Good day everyone,


      so far I created a world map (divided by regions) in Excel, where you can click on the countries/flags with a selection (like year/mode of transport/shipper) to get the data for the selection.

      I am curious if that is easily possible in Tableau. I use a database query to get the information and process it via macro. Sadly I don't know Tableau at all and wanted to get into the software, could anyone refer me to a useful tutorial on this topic?


      To make it more clearly:
      For the Region CEE I want to see everything that was shipped in 2017. It should show me where it's from and where it went to, also which mode of transport (air, sea, rail, road..) it used (all of that is in the data).Once I click to see the information the map should change the colour depending on if the country received something (not grey) and depending on the % of the full volume change it's colour (light-green up to dark-green).



      Next to the map I need a list or table, that shows all the countries of that region, well, pretty much a filter on the main data.

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          Hi Daniel!


          Mapping is one of my preferred features in Tableau, it can be so interactive and so developed!


          As you are a beginner, first... welcome, and thanks for your interest!

          Then, you must know that your data need to be prepared. Names, countries, latitude, longitude, and other data sorted per columns and lines if you come from an Excel file.

          Let's learn more about Mapping in Tableau first, play with the links and examples as well to get a better idea.

          The following will get you started: Get Started Mapping with Tableau


          Let me know if you need further details!



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            Chris McClellan

            Sounds like it would be dead simple in Tableau.


            Can you attach the data file (or even some dummy data) ?

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              Daniel Zimmer

              Thanks a lot you 2, the tutorials already helped me!


              In the following picture you can see what it currently shows - Data where the shipments are coming from, Data where it's going to, a map which is normally grey and gets colour-coded based on amount and at the bottom the different regions. Also, the flags for "Shipment from" country get filled with colour if the selection/data has the country included and you can click on the flags to get all information for the country you clicked on in the region.


              In Tableau, I'd like to have the same or even more options. I've tried out to put it in Tableau, but my problem was that I had so much on one sheet, that it got to small to look at. I am not sure if I can really divide it that much, because all the information is needed together (where it's from, where it's going to and the map itself).


              I couldn't find how to upload a file in here, besides pictures/videos, so I used file-upload.net

              File-Upload.net - Example.xlsx

              It shows a small selection of data I use. First row is only to identify the shipment, second is where it's coming from, third is where it's going to.

              Packages is the amount, weight is the weight, mode of transport is a code for sea/air/road/rail/replenishment, date and who the shipper was.

              The key and the shipper aren't used to show. Shipper is only used for filters.


              Maybe someone of you with more experience can take a look at it, as I said I tried it (several times), but my problem was that it quickly got to big and I couldn't show even a part of the data as I can in Excel.