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    Designing Tall Dashboard

    Isha Garg

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a requirement for designing a Summary Report in the form of a tall dashboard in Tableau 10.2.


      I have created it on tableau desktop and the size(wXh) is 1197X3384. The dashboard has 17 worksheets on it.


      I do understand that I should not be having as many sheets on my dashboard. But this is the requirement and until we find another work around, we need to provide this report to our customers.


      It is a little urgent and I have been stuck at it for last 3 days. I have tried republishing, closing and re-adding data sources, changing sizes etc. I am able to publish it to the Tableau Server, but I can't view the dashboard, I get the following error everytime.


      An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.

      Session ID: FC888F8BB86D4ABDA90DA401F4269852-0:1

      Would you like to reset the view?


      Can anyone help please?

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          I believe it is a generic error. It is hard to solve the issue without looking actual workbook.

          What I will do

          1. Can you see data in all the worksheets?

          2. I will publish worksheets separately on tableau server.

          3.  I will bring one worksheet on the dashboard and then publish it on the server.


          I think, one or more worksheets have some problem and due to this whole dashboard does not load.


          hope this helps

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            Isha Garg

            Thanks Arvind. That's what I tried. There was some issue with a data source. I was able to see the data but on server it had some issues. Not sure what exactly. I just closed that Data source and created another one with the same custom sql. It worked like a charm! Thanks again.