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    Alternative to LOD

    Shruthi B S

      Hi People,


      Could anybody suggest me an alternative to Fixed LOD calculation as my current dataset is very huge and using LOD has become a big challenge. i have attached a sample twbx file for reference. Here i have used Fixed calc to achieve desired output. I want to know any other way to achieve without using fixed function.

      The requirement is total cost at Geo/ area level where LP<>0 and Sale=0.




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          Michel Caissie



          You can add [SO] and [Month] on the Detail shelf.


          Next you can compute [Fixed (wo lod)] with

          WINDOW_SUM( SUM(if [Sale]=0 and [LP]<>0 then [Cost] END) )

          compute using  SO, Month, Geo ,  deepest  restarting every SO.


          Next you can aggregate it with

          WINDOW_SUM( [Fixed(wo lod)] )



          compute using Geo, Month, SO , deepest  restarting every Geo.


          note: the division by the countd(SO) is because we have SO on the Detail, so we get a bar for every SO. I edited the Color and added a border in order to see a single bar.


          To get the label on top , I used a reference line using only the WINDOW_SUM( [Fixed(wo lod)] ) value.


          See in the attached