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    Tableau Desktop IP not connecting to remote MySQL

    Devin Smith

      Hi All,


      I am trying to connect to my remote MySQL database with Tableau Desktop however I am getting kicked when attempting to establish the connection,


      I have added my PC's IP address to the remote MySQL access however still getting the error,


      Do you know Tableau Desktop perhaps uses a different connection to gain access other than using my PC's internal network?


      Currently I am having to establish a remote connection through a third party site, replicating the data to Google BigQuery then connect Tableau to BigQuery to pull the data - just not viable.


      Thanks in advance.


      Devin Smith

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          Chris McClellan

          Are you at work or at home when you're doing this ?


          If you've configured mySQL with the proper IP address it should work, but there's a few reasons why your IP isn't the IP that the server will see.


          Do you have a way of checking what your IP is by the time it gets to the mySQL server ?


          An easy way might just be to google "what is my IP" and checking it that way.


          Sorry for all the questions, but I think it's a network/environment configuration rather than Tableau doing something wrong.