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    Move to Dashboards from Development to production server

    Rama Krishna Manchala

      Hi Guys,

      By using Tableau extract File(.tde) i was developed dashboards in Tableau desktop.My question is how to move those dashboards from Tableau Development Server to UAT and Production Server. Please Clarify my below questions.

      1) While Publishing Dashboards in Tableau Development server i need to publish data sources as well as or not required.

      2) How to refresh (.tde) files for data refreshing in server level (All 3 environments).

      3) What are the migration steps for moving Dashboards from one environment to another environment and refreshing .tde files.


      Thanks Ram..

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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Rama,


          Answer of your questions:

          1. Yes, if your data sources are not present in UAT/Prod then publish all the data sources which you've in your workbook. While publishing change the respective server credentials of your UAT/Prod.


          2. To refresh the data source you can create schedule refresh on your published source.


          3. Find my approach which I follows to move the workbooks/dashboard from DEV to UAT environment

               a. Download the .tds files from DEV environment and open in a new workbook. Change the connection details from DEV to TEST. Once done then publish data sources in TEST environment. While publishing you may set the refresh schedule of the data source (optional).

               b. Download the dashboard from DEV. Open the dashboard in Tableau Desktop. Right click on any data source and click on server site path. Change the server credentials there also. If you've multiple data sources connected in a workbook then make sure credentials of UAT environment points to other connected sources.

               c. Once done then validate the graphs whether its showing the correct information from UAT data source or not.

               d. If all okay then publish the workbook.

               e. While publishing the workbook you may schedule the workbook refresh (Optional)

               f. Now login to Tableau web server UAT environment and create schedule refresh of the published data sources and workbooks.


          That's it. Let us know if this help.



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            Rama Krishna Manchala

            Thanks Mahfooj for your comments ...


            Here few more questions are.............


            Here I am using .tde file as data source when i am publishing the workbook in Tableau Development server by default  data source also coming.When I Login Dev Tableau server project level it showing data sources are  '0' but if i go one level down workbook level it showing data source for that workbook having.


            1) If the data source presented in workbook level still we have to publish data source?

            2) .tde file is nothing but a extract file right ? if i use live or extract connection in Tableau Desktop there is no different right?

            3) If i am using Extract connection (Data source as .tde file)  in Tableau Desktop and schedule the refresh job it won't refresh the data right? Because .tde file is nothing zip file.

            4) For data refreshing when we are using .tde file as data source, only option we have to re point the new .tde file With Updated data right ?


            Please correct me if my understanding wrong...

            Tahnks Ram...

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              Mahfooj Khan

              Find my inline comments below

              1. Not required

              2. Yes, no difference

              3. Right, it won't refresh

              4. Correct, each and every time you need to repoint your .tde source to show updated information.