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    Help Needed - Fixed Data as Reference Line in Moving Trendline

    Watson Terry



      Totally stumped on this one. I'm trying to show a trendline of past due parts (logistics) from our overall supply base, with a reference line that is based on a calculated field that represents the 2018 targets for those suppliers. This trendline will be an overall supply base view, which can then filter/drill down to a vendor view, or group of vendors assigned to an employee.


      The problem - The 2018 Targets in my calculation (SUM) are changing day by day, based on the vendors present on that past due date. So if a supplier wasn't past due, they're not included in the overall 2018 Target SUM for that view. Thus each day, the number fluctuates.

      I need this calculation to occur for all vendors, without regard toif they're present in the data on that specific date or not.


      In the Tableau workbook, I've connected an excel file with current past due records, to an excel file with the 2018 Targets, connected by vendor code.


      If I manually add all 2018 targets in excel, I get 577,399 for all suppliers in the database. But I don't get this number on and of the snapshot dates, as it's reliant on the vendor mix for that day. I believe this is an issue for "Fixed LOD" calcs, but despite many attempts, I can't seem to do this correctly, as the values still change day by day no matter what I've done this far.... Thoughts?


      Here are some examples of Fixed calcs I've tried using:

      { FIXED [Vndr],[DOL]:SUM( [2018 Target])}
      { FIXED [Vndr]:SUM( [2018 Target])}

      I might be misunderstanding the way this calculation works.