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    "Show Missing Values" but ignore Sundays?

    Sebastian Chavez

      Hello all,


      I have a basic line chart showing the number of received reports per day (Date Received by Number of Records). I have turned on "Show Missing Values" in Date Received to be able to catch any days when there are errors in transmission resulting in us receiving no records on that date. However, as a matter of course we don't receive any reports on Sundays, meaning that my line chart is punctuated by an unnecessary dip to zero every seven days. Is there a way to exclude all Sundays from my line chart so that "missing values" only grabs Mondays-Saturdays?


      Due to confidentiality, I am unable to include a packaged workbook. In the screenshot below, you'll see everything I've circled or boxed in red is a Sunday with zero records, which happens like clockwork every week. The green arrow points to a non-Sunday with zero records reported. I'd like for the point indicated by the green arrow to be the only zero value showing in this chart.


      Thank you!