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    Mimic Excel layout

    Raquel De Bastiani



      I am needing help figuring out how I can show this view in Tableau. I can't figure out the best way to lay out this data in order for it to display as I would like. The data is coming from excel to Tableau


      In the attachment, the tab Cash View 1, shows the ideal layout. All I would want to add is a filter that shows only the dates for 5 weeks forward and 5 weeks back. For example, today is January 5th so I would see the following view:



      If today was March 1st, I would see: (5 weeks back, 5 weeks forward)


      The idea is for this report to show "deals" on a weekly basis. Once it is zeroed out, it would remove it from the Tableau View.

      If today was April 20th, then Company 1 and 2 rows would be out of the view and Company 4 would be added:


      I tried copying the data and flipping it in order for Tableau to read it by date (see Cash Report 2) however, I am wanting the information on the view (i.e. Customer Name, Name Position, Dates, Amt) and the actual payment amounts (the 1,000, 900, 650 numbers) to display in the views. This was a report we had previously, instead of splitting up a payment in 10 weeks, we had it just one time:



      Thank you in advance for your help!