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    Data Extract Unknown Failure  -- Logs


      I have been successfully using extracts for the last couple months however, yesterday I pushed out an updated Extract for one of my existing workbooks.  It functions correctly, but it will not refresh.  I am getting the 'Unknown Failure' message.  I used to get this message when I first started working with extracts and resolved it, but that was months ago and I cannot remember the resolution.  (I have notes, but apparently not good ones ).


      Long story short, I want to look in the logs to see if there is more detail.  When I generate the log files there are a lot of them.  Could someone tell me which file I need to be looking in?


      • I do not believe it's permissions because I've run Profiler on SQL server and I'm not seeing any connection errors.   I also see the query it should be running at that time stamp.
      • When I hit the 'Test Connection' button on Tableau it also says successful.
      • I have compared this extract with others that are working successfully and have not found any differences that I can see on the Server side.
      • Using Tableau Server 10.2


      Some screenshots (names changed).  Connecting to SQL datasource:

      SQL Signin.JPG



      Menu I see when publishing Data Source:





      I appreciate any insight!




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          Matt Coles

          "Unknown Failure" is a generic description of a failure that could represent any number of issues. If you are the Tableau Server administrator, you can look up the reason in the "Background Tasks for Extracts" admin view under the Status page of Tableau Server. If you are not the administrator, ask them to look into it for you. And upvote this Idea added by Kai Connell!


          If your Admin is the ambitious type, have them consider opening up access to the Tableau Server repository and building a custom admin view off of these data sources, and letting their users self-serve with this information.

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            Thanks Matt!  This was very helpful.  I'm the sole Tableau resource at our company so I'm the Server Admin as well.  I had not come across the 'Background Tasks for Extracts' view yet. 


            My issue was permissions in SQL itself.  The SQL view I was referencing called in Functions that Tableau did not have permissions too.  I would have been on the hunt forever if it wasn't for the detailed error in the Background Tasks dashboard.


            I voted up the idea above and will read your other link now.  I've been interested in how to connect to the Tableau Server postgreSQL repository database.  I will review your article and post any questions I might have there.


            Thanks again!