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    Cannot Display Row Labels for Calculated Fields in Table View

    Carla Tillman

      I have 3 calculations I need to display in a table grid (see attached screen shot)


      My first calculation is a basic Sum(Number of Records)


      My next 2 calculations are concatenated String fields, but they only show in the Measures area and cannot be moved to dimensions.


      Calcs are basic number manipulations turned to strings. i.e.

      STR(RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records]))) + " (" + STR(  ROUND(  (MAX([AvgIndustryCount])),1))  + ")"


      The problem is that while I can get a facsimile of a table as long as I don't click on the Show me | Table icon.  However I can not find a way to display any kind of labels for any of the rows.


      I have Tried the following:

           1)  Analysis | Table Layout |  -->  Show field labels for Rows is greyed out

           2)  Create calculated labels and add to the Row shelf.  It messes up the formatting adb does not align to the data.

           3)  Added Measure Names and Measure Values to Marks and to Filters in as many configurations as I could think of

           4)  Tried adding Dimensions and Measures in Rows and Columns in as many configurations as I could think of

           5)  Option to "Include in Header" is not available

           6)  String Calculations are not included in Measure Names or Values

           7)  Dragging Measure names to Row Shelf  displays "No Measure Value" as a single block to all 3 rows. 


      Any Ideas how I can get some labels in there??!!



      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.