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    Remove duplicated values on multiples dimension

    Mathilde Saguin



      I did a left join onto an union of google sheet and I got some duplicated values.

      I double check, I've a duplicated values on my A data source while my B is null.



      I've seen on this forum that I should do :

      - a custom SQL :  but I'm not able to do it as my data source is a google sheet.

      - data blending : but I will join those duplicated value with an other data source later


      I want to remove all unwanted duplicated values.

      I tried the following LOD expression and I did a filter on it but it doesn't work as expected.

      { FIXED [Country Name], [Channel], [Channel Topic], [Channel type], [Media name (Latin alphabet)] : min([Reach])}=1



      How can I do? Any idea?


      Many thanks