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    Dashboard Action that Filters Based on Two Fields Independently


      Version: Desktop 10.2.1

      Packaged Workbook: Attached


      I am working with source to target data that can flow both ways. My packaged workbook uses emails from Dunder Mifflin Paper Company as a simple example of what I am trying to accomplish. There are emails between Michael Scott and a generic paper company. The specific person from the generic paper company does not matter as much as the generic paper company itself (which is why I have a coalesced version of the sender and recipient). Currently, this information is represented by a two column and two row heat map with the number of records as the measure. In addition, a dashboard action is in place that filters a detail sheet when one of the heat map values is clicked.


      The crux of the issue is that there is no OR condition option for dashboard action fields. When clicking on one heat map value, I would like to see emails in BOTH directions. For example, clicking on the two emails square representing two emails from Michael Scott to generic paper company should result in all five detail records remaining in the detail sheet. Going a step further, it might be beneficial at some point to have the heat map condensed to just Person A and Person B and their total number of emails shared.


      How should I accomplish this? Is there something I can/should do on the backend? Is there a better Tableau representation (other than a heat map) that would help this goal? I know there are some Ideas out there asking for this functionality to be built into dashboard actions, but I assume there is some kind of work around until that occurs.