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    Maintaining Table Calc with Filters

    Dan Fasciano

      I'm using Tableau 10.2


      I have a pareto chart which shows the top 10 products by sales, and the percentage of total, using index to limit the chart to the top 10. I'd like to be able to add a filter so the user can select their own products and see what percentage they are out of a whole.


      For example, here's the top 10:


      Now, I've filtered the chart to only show a customized selection of products, but since it's no longer just hiding the data, it shows the total percentage as 100%.


      I've tried using a calculated field ( LOOKUP(MAX([Product Name]),0) ), however the only options for that filter are the products currently in the view.


      Any help for this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,


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          Joe Oppelt

          You're going to have to take that INDEX=10 off the sheet if you want the user to look at something less than top-10.


          Consider adding a parameter so that the user can select between top-10 or some less-than-ten product.


          See attached.  I created a param based on the [Product Name] field.  Then I added one more value of "Top-10".  So the user can either pick top-10, or one product.  The filter I built based on this param does what it needs to do to determine whether to pick the top-10, or an individual value.