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    Unable to publish data source as an extract

    John DeLap

      I am new to Tableau and Tableau Server.  We have no one else here are our agency with experience, so I'm struggling. My intent is to create extract data sources on TS that would be refreshed periodically. I am trying to publish a simple data source to Tableau Server as an extract.  I am able to create the extract and save it locally.  When I publish it to TS, it reverts to a Live connection. How can I get it to publish as an extract?



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          David Data

          Let me help, but I need to get the exact logic down.


          What is the actual data source? If it's a manually created database, then you are manually creating a database and publishing it to Tableau Server, then you are using Tableau Desktop to link to that same Database as an Extract. Then, you are re-publishing the same thing to Tableau Server?

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            parul bansal

            1. To Refresh data Extract periodically - you need to  Schedule an Extract Refresh on Server itself.

            2. Don't publish data source to Tableau Server*, publish Tableau workbook with extracted data. you can choose extracted data by choosing extract connection type under data source.

            3. when you go to sheet, make sure under menu bar, choose data -> click Refresh all extracts  ( if you find all data source are in extract list) then it means your workbooks are referring to extracted data and then publish it.


            Let me know if you find any issues troubleshooting

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              John DeLap

              Thank you for offering this.  I was indeed able to publish a workbook with an extract.


              However, that is not what I was looking to achieve.  I am in the IT department, and I want to prepare and publish various data sources of data extracted from SQL Server for others in the business areas to use to create workbooks.  Am I inferring correctly from your post that it is not possible to publish a data source only as an extract?

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                Toby Erkson

                For my example I simply used the Tableau SuperStore data.

                After you have created your data source turn it into an extract...


                ...and then publish it to the Tableau Server:


                Make sure you set a Refresh Schedule during your publish to the Tableau Server (I haven't set it in the below picture, you would for yours):

                That's basically it.


                When a user wants to use that data source they select Tableau Server...


                ...and select the published data source:



                Since the published data source is on its own refresh schedule there is NO NEED for users to schedule refreshes on their published Tableau workbooks if they use it (the published data source)!

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                  John DeLap

                  Excellent!  So I have to click over to the data sheet and actually create a vis with the data source in order to be able to create the extract.  When I do that, then right click on the data source, I then have the option to extract data. That is the step I was missing.  Once extracted, I have the option to publish the extract.  It worked!


                  Thanks, Toby!

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                    Toby Erkson

                    You don't have to create a viz, simply go to the worksheet after you've created the data source and then the right-click menu options will have it available.


                    One thing to remember is that if you make it directly from the data source canvas without going to the worksheet and building an extract...


                    ...it won't work as expected   It will be published as a Live connection.  You need to actually build an extract for it to then be publishable as an extract that can then be placed on a refresh schedule.

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