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    Keep rank same when filtering and only view Top 10

    Lauren Blumberger

      Hi all,


      I have seen a lot of questions and correct solutions for keeping the rank the same when filtering, however it is not working in my case.

      I have a dashboard with multiple sheets as seen below:

      and below is the setup of the "% difference from previous month" sheet after it is filtered using a dashboard action:

      As you can see when I filter by Ten Trade Nm (the masked column) in the Sales Productivity sheet, the tenants in the other sheets are being filtered and ranking as 1. I need the other two sheets to update as they are but for the rank to stay the same. I tried creating a New Tenant field with the calculation LOOKUP(MAX([Ten Trade Nm]),0) as suggested by another post but it does not work.


      Please ask if you need more info, however I cannot share the actual workbook. Thanks in advance for your help!