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    Tableau with SAML

    Srikanth Maddela



      If we install Tableau Server with Local Autentication  and  SAML, then my question is do we need to create identity for each user or else we don't ?

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Local authentication

          If the server is configured to use local authentication, then the Tableau Server identity store is used exclusively to authenticate users. When users sign-in and enter their credentials, either through Tableau Desktop, tabcmd, API, or web client, Tableau Server verifies the credentials.

          To enable this scenario, you must first create an identity for each user. To create an identity, you specify a username and a password. To access or interact with content on the server, users must also be assigned a site role. User identities can be added to Tableau Server in the server UI, using tabcmd Commands, or using the REST API.

          You can also create groups in Tableau Server to help manage and assign roles to large sets of related user groups (e.g., “Marketing”).

          Use local authentication if any of the following are true:

          • Your organization does not manage users with Active Directory
          • You do not want to use Active Directory
          • You want to use OpenID for authentication and single sign-on

          When you configure Tableau Server for local authentication, you cannot set password policies or account lockout on failed password attempts. If you require these account safeguards, then you should use Active Directory authentication.

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            Srikanth Maddela

            Thanks for the quick response. If we want to add 1000 users for all those users we should create id n pw or else is there anyway to add bulk users incase Local Authentication

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              Srikanth Maddela

              I have one more question, Like Earlier we have AD authentication. Now we are implementing new Cluster with Local authentication, In this case Does the  Backup file with AD authentication work in New Cluster with Local Authentication?