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    conditional labeling

    Pritesh Patel

      Hi & Happy new year to us all.


      I have 250 sites around the US, each with a unique name.  these sites are also grouped by region...and there is roughly 15 regions, but not all regions have the same number of sites.

      For each site I have a Business impact score and a risk score, so I can plot a 2X2 bubbleplot that shows the 250 sites.  What I wish to do for mgmt. reviews is to display this bubbleplot, with regional specific sites labeled and in a different color.

      So, when presenting to the SoCal Mgmt, the bubbleplot shows just those 15 southern California sites labeled and the other 235 sites still shown, but not labeled.


      I need this to be simple so that my intern can do this with limited Tableau experience.


      Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.





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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Pritesh,


          It'll be more easy for us to give you correct solution if you'd provide some sample mock up data. However, I've tried to replicate your scenario using superstore data.

          Lets assume  Sales and Profit measures as your Business Impact & Risk scores, Region as Region and States as Sites.

          Drag these fields on canvas like below screenshots.

          Once done last important thing you need to do is

          Set the marks to label Highlighted

          See the below screenshot.


          Let us know if this help. Else share some sample data.


          Note: Scatter Plot will not be the good visualization to show all the labels in a view because your label will be overlapped in some of the cases where sites have equal scores. Better you should use bullet chart. Give a try.



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            Pritesh Patel

            Hi Mahfooj,


            This worked for me.


            Thank you.

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              Mahfooj Khan

              Hi Pritesh,

              I'm glad that worked

              Could you please mark my answer as correct so that it helps others who have similar query and this thread gets invisible from the unanswered list?