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    Inherited dashboard, how to rip out and regenerate extracts?

    Ethan Elias

      I have an old dashboard that an intern built last summer, but his extracts aren't loading correctly. Every time someone tries to open the dash in Tableau Reader, it says that the dash is "referencing an external data source".  All data sources are custom SQL queries that are connected to our main db, so I should have no problem regenerating the extracts.


      My question is, how do I rip out his old extracts and simply regenerate them?  I'm hesitant to blindly remove the extracts unless I know what I'm doing.



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          Amanda Luthy
          1. Copy your current workbook and work from the copy until you're sure you've got it right.
          2. Open that copy in Tableau Desktop
          3. Find your data connection under the tab labeled Data (top left), right click on the data source you wish to edit
          4. Find the Use Extract option and deselect it.
            1. At this point make sure the connections work, this is the time to make any needed edits to the SQL. You might want to save and reopen if you're really concerned.
          5. Right click on your data source again, find the extract menu and select Remove
          6. You'll be prompted to Just remove the extract or Remove the extract and delete the extract file. Select Just remove the extract. It's easier to undo.
          7. Again, right click on your data source, select  Extract Data...
          8. Set your filters and decide how much you want to extract. Click Extract
          9. Tableau has now automatically updated your connection to be use an extract. Verify that this is still working. Save it, give it to a friend to make sure it works for them. Once you're certain this is going to do what you want and it gives you the right data you're safe to replace your old versions.
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            Peter Fakan

            Another method is to load your fresh extracts and replace the data sources