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    Importing Supplier Spend Data - BKMs

    Jason Katz

      Hi - Does anyone have any best practices for what supplier data they are importing to analyze? Right now I'm thinking:

      Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6Header 7Header 8Header 9Header 10Header 11Header 12Header 13Header 14Header 15Header 16
      Company Part NumberOEM Part NumberManufacturerLead-TimeHistorical Annual UsageForecasted Usage (12 month forecast)MOQLead-TimeSafety StockNon-cancellable/Non-returnableOn-Hand InventoryOn-Order QuantityDescriptionSafety StockExcess/ObsoleteAging (Days)


      Thanks in advance.


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          Hi Jason,


          I'm sorry I don't understand the goal of your post.

          Could you please add some more details?



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            Jason Katz

            Hi Lénaïc,

            Sorry if my question wasn't very clear.  What I'm really trying to understand is if there are any best practices out there for requesting data from your suppliers to enable visibility into their supply situation.   In the table above, I'm really trying to request data from my suppliers that will allow me to understand potential material liability, shortages, excess and spend analysis from my supply base.  My company utilizes 10+ EMS/Contract Manufacturers and I'm trying to utilize Tableau to give me visibility across the suppliers especially considering we have very common components (IC's, capacitors, resistors, memory, cables, connectors, etc) but we do not have an ability to see into their supply situation in any one database.


            My question essentially is asking if anyone is requesting other data from their suppliers (& for what reason)


            Please let me know if that helps.

            Thanks in advance.


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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Jason,


              Just ask for the data in machine readable format. Machine-readable data - Wikipedia


              I think there's some kind of WCAG reference to making data available in MRF and not Human Readable Format somewhere as well.