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    Tabjolt - How to update tableau test server details?

    Shafi Mohammad





      I have recently installed the latest version of Tabjolt for Tableau server v10.4 following the installation guide and was able to run a few performance test runs successfully.

      If I need to update my Tabjolt installation to point to a different tableau server environment with the same version other than what I had mentioned during the initial setup, how do I do it?

      I have tried to run the "config.bat" file available at "<INSTALLDIR>/Tabjolt/config.bat" which brought up the Tabjolt Configuration UI and provided the new tableau server details but when I run the test, it still runs the test against the old tableau server and "ServerTestConfig.yaml" & "dataretriever.config" files still show old server configuration details.

      Should I be editing them manually?

      Please advise.