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    Finding Average Age of Business

    Juan Vasquez

      Tableau community -


      Hitting a wall trying to set Average Age of Business Location for a cohort of businesses based on their Location Start Date. Workbook attached.


      For context:

      - Pulling in this data from Los Angeles' Open Data Portal through OData

      - Dataset being used is a filtered view of a dataset showing all the active businesses in the city and is updated once a month

      - Filtered view looks only at businesses in Council District 12


      In trying to figure out the average age of business I've created these calculations:

      Defining today: IF[Location Start Date]=TODAY()THEN [Location Start Date]END

      Trying to get the amount of years between launch date and today: DATEDIFF('year',[TODAY],[Location Start Date])


      Any and all direction is welcome!

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          Jim Dehner

          see attached



          Lot of detail in your viz

          but I made a couple of changes

          first to the individual business age where the today() is a function that pulls in the date



          bring the Avg to the sheet aggregating with AVG



          the viz returns





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            Juan Vasquez

            Jim Dehner,


            Thank you so much! Exactly what we needed. I appreciate your note on the amount of detail. I removed different colors to the bar chart and will look for additional ways to create more focus around key issues.


            Also going to add a slider to use as a filter for average age of business.


            This dashboard is the 1st proof of concept for an initiative my team is leading where we will be providing BI dashboards to LA's 15 Council Districts to help local elected officials make better informed decisions and have more information at their fingertips.


            Thanks a lot for your help and sharing your skills!

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              Jim Dehner

              Thanks - glad to help out