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    Excel File joining with SQL Database

    Nicole Klisch

      Hello Everybody,


      i have a question concerning connecting an Excelfile with an SQL Database. I wanted to join them with an inner join.

      The colomns which are in the SQL Database will be shown as STRING in Tableau.

      The Excelfile has different formats like Datetime, date, String, Numbers.


      Now, I wanted connect both of them with an inner join regarding the date.


      In the SQL database is it under BUDAT and will be listed in Tableau for example as 20170901

      In my Excel file it will be shown as Check Out Time and in datetime format like 9/1/2017 17:13.


      I wanted to join them now and i tried it with this "edit join calculation" and following calculation


      STR(DATEPART('year',[Check Out Time])) + STR(DATEPART('month',[Check Out Time])) + STR(DATEPART('day',[Check Out Time]))

      But this didnt work. I guess because of the different format in the excel file. The format here is m/d/yyyy h:mm. Is there any possibility to put the format mmddyyyy into the "edit join calculation"?


      I want to minimize the effort without changing first the excel file.... It should work directly.


      Thanks in advance for your support!


      Best regards