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    Adding AM/PM to Date on same axis for a combination chart

    Damanjit Hundal

      Hi folks,


      I'm trying to transfer a report from Cognos Analytics to Tableau and I've been wrestling with adding a secondary category on top of the primary category for the x-axis in a combination chart.

      I'm trying to recreate the graph in the attached file in Tableau with the addition of a third measure that would be a line that deviates with time. I have schedule date in one column and whether it is AMPM in another column.


      I've attached an image of what I currently have in Tableau and these values are stacked. I can unstack by going to Analysis --> Stack Marks --> Off but I lose the details that I want.


      For the measures, AM Slots is one measure, PM Slots another, and finally a target counter as a third. The Slots would be bar graphs and the target would be a line. I was wondering if this is at all possible in Tableau or if there are any workarounds for this?


      Thank you!