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    Creating a caculated field based on aggregated worksheet data

    Bryan Carney



      I'm new to Tableau and apologize in advance if there is a simple answer to my question.


      I am trying to create a calculated field that is based on aggregated data that I created in a worksheet. To add additional context, my data set contains portfolio level information including fields such as portfolio manager, relationship number and relationship name and numeric values such as previous AUM, current AUM and net flow. Each portfolio can be aggregated up to the relationship level. Relationships are summarized by consolidated portfolio information based on the portfolio manager, relationship number and relationship name fields.


      I have created a worksheet summarizing the portfolio information in this manner and would now like to create a calculated field based on the total relationship level net flow. I would like to show my end user what type of total net flow the relationship experienced for the period. For example, if the previous AUM was greater than zero but the net flow was negative the type/label should read "withdraw from existing client". In other situations I would like the flow type to read "New Client" if the previous AUM was zero and the net flow was positive. .


      I've created a valid calculated field to do just this but it is being performed at the data set (portfolio) level. I would like it to calculate based on the relationship level information calculated in the tableau worksheet. Is there a way to do this or should I perform in excel and link to tableau after?




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