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    Qualified Associate Exam Crashed Repeatedly, Then Froze

    heather smith

      Today I sat for the Qualified Associate Exam. I checked my system using the pretest tool 4 separate times as I had to postpone the test by 2 days. Then the virtual machine crashed and I got a black screen and had to call. Lost almost 10 minutes. Kept calm and carried on. Then it happened again. And then AGAIN. Finally the VM Tableau tool froze and required the proctor to reboot it. I lost just over 30% of my test time and was unable to complete all questions. Today was my first not A grade--a complete FAIL and I'm working to review how much of it was due to having to guess answers rather than use my VM workbooks so I can take another shot. I reached out to Tableau (still waiting to hear back).


      I knew there was a chance I could get disconnected, but this was a bigger connection issue (I did not select "ESC") and even though the proctor said he would report it, I wonder if anyone else had the same experience. Did you have to pay to retake the exam? How did you recover and adjust your learning plan with inaccurate/incomplete feedback?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the team.   I have never heard of anyone encountering an error during the exam but this should be fairly easy to review for the team.  I have also highlighted your post with that team.


          Thank you again



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            Rebecca Nelson

            Hi Heather,


            I'm so sorry you had a frustrating experience taking your exam.  We definitely don't want a poor delivery experience to be the cause of an exam failure. I see that someone has responded to your email and submitted your case for further review. Because every candidate has a different environment, it can take up to 2 weeks to review reports and recordings.  We'll do our best to identify the source of the issue(s) and work with you on next steps.


            While it's a small percentage, there are candidates who have experienced issues similar to yours.  Typically, we find that latency or a disconnect is the result of an unstable internet connection.  Even if you've passed all the speedtests, unfortunately stability is hard to determine prior to the exam and is difficult to resolved during the exam. But we'll do the initial investigation and then reach out to you with follow-up.  


            Expect to hear back from us soon.





            Manager, Certification Programs, Tableau

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              heather smith

              Hi Rebecca,


              Thanks for reaching out. My proctor also said this was highly unusual and said he was noting it. The first couple of times were minor obstacles, but between the further black screen issues and the VM Tableau freezing, it was the most disruptive testing experience I can recall.



              I'm regrouping to retake the exam. However, I won't reschedule until I understand why there were so many technical issues AND I'm fast enough to complete the exam in well under 2 hours. I look forward to hearing more.




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                Rebecca Nelson

                Thanks Heather.  Yes - please hold off on rescheduling until we've had a chance to review.

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                  heather smith

                  I nearly forgot--the email I received notifying me my comment was accepted to the user forum was in Dutch (introduction and salutation) while the body was in English.


                  I read both, but I have no Dutch software accounts (only US and Danish).

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                    Patrick Van Der Hyde

                    Heather - thank you for that bit of information.  I'll investigate.  I'm not able to read Dutch either although my name might make people think otherwise. 



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                      heather smith

                      I CAN read Dutch-along with several other languages. I don't speak it well. I have software accounts in English, Danish, and Japanese as I do have full skills in those languages. Not sure why this occurred. I had a similar issue earlier in the year when I renewed my Office 365 while in Copenhagen on business and got a Danish account.


                      Just added to an already bizarre testing experience (I've done the LSAT, GRE, PMP, and CSM exams). Interested to hear back on the in exam outages.


                      Thanks for reaching out.


                      Heather Smith

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                        Amrita Shelar



                        Hi Rebecca,

                        I wanted to escalate the fact that there were a lot of technical glitches during the test which completely got me side tracked from answering questions. Unfortunately, the proctor couldn't help out as well, and I was totally distracted and spent about 40 minutes due to tech issues with the VM.


                        I was also assured that I would be given extra time for that was lost, but the test ended without it being given to me.

                        I had run all tests on my machine prior taking the test and had over 70 MBPS with minimal latency, there were a lot of issues with the VM. It went in "not responding" mode multiple times.

                        Unfortunately, I was asked to trouble-shoot the VM issues using task manager and killing applications thereby wasting precious time.

                        There were instances of Tableau not working as well. There was a continuous lag too, after clicking on answers.

                        To add to these issues, the help from Proctor to resolve VM related issues was delayed as well. I spent time explaining the issues multiple times.

                        Overall, I had a very unfortunate experience taking the test and did not end up getting time for all that I spend getting the VM working.

                        Please help me with re-taking the test sometime soon as I heavily depend on the genuine outcome of the test.

                        Thanks for your understanding and I anticipate your action on this as early as possible.