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    Qualified Associate Exam Crashed Repeatedly, Then Froze

    heather smith

      Today I sat for the Qualified Associate Exam. I checked my system using the pretest tool 4 separate times as I had to postpone the test by 2 days. Then the virtual machine crashed and I got a black screen and had to call. Lost almost 10 minutes. Kept calm and carried on. Then it happened again. And then AGAIN. Finally the VM Tableau tool froze and required the proctor to reboot it. I lost just over 30% of my test time and was unable to complete all questions. Today was my first not A grade--a complete FAIL and I'm working to review how much of it was due to having to guess answers rather than use my VM workbooks so I can take another shot. I reached out to Tableau (still waiting to hear back).


      I knew there was a chance I could get disconnected, but this was a bigger connection issue (I did not select "ESC") and even though the proctor said he would report it, I wonder if anyone else had the same experience. Did you have to pay to retake the exam? How did you recover and adjust your learning plan with inaccurate/incomplete feedback?