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    Workbook refresh issue with published data source

    keerthana kumar

      Hi All,


      I have an issue where my workbook doesn't refresh automatically to latest value after the data source scheduled refresh is success.


      1. I am creating a simple view like below by creating extract data source on SQL server table .


      2. I am publishing the data source to server, which is scheduled to refresh as below (refresh tested by running manually).


      3. Now i have my data connected to the published data source in Tableau Server .



      4. My Issue is after successful Data source refresh my View is not refreshed by normal tab refresh  . I have to go click on IMG6 - refresh image.png for the view to get refreshed.



      Why my workbook is not getting refreshed automatically after data extract refresh.  I cannot ask my user to click  IMG6 - refresh image.pngevery time they open the dashboard.

      Is there anything that im doing wrong in above steps. ?? what could be the issue

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          Jeffrey Line

          I've had that issue a few times as well. For me it had to do with the Refresh Option I had configured on the server. Found this article about it for you to review.

          Refresh Less Often Option in Tableau Configuration


          Hopefully this will help out.

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            Toby Erkson

            There is nothing wrong.  Read the information that Jeffrey provided, that will help you figure out what you need to do.  My server is set up to Balanced, 5 minutes.  It originally was set up to Refresh More Often but I wanted to have some caching so the 5 minutes is the most my top developers/users were willing to compromise.

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              keerthana kumar

              Thanks Jeffrey Line &  @Toby Erkson

              So my understanding is if I go for "Refresh more often" my issue is resolved.

              server caching.JPG

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                Toby Erkson

                The thing is, Tableau is NOT a real-time reporting application and that needs to be remembered.


                A user pulls up a workbook and the Tableau Server grabs the data and presents it on the screen.  Its job is done.  It doesn't monitor the data source for changes so it cannot know when the data changes.  This is why the workbook doesn't update suddenly when the data source is updated when a workbook is being displayed.  In order to "tell" the workbook to pull new data the user must tell Tableau to do so by clicking the Refresh icon IMG6 - refresh image.png.  Tableau will then re-query the data source and update the workbook.  Imagine if one was looking at workbook, analyzing some marks when the screen would suddenly freeze and be unresponsive until the suddenly new data was being downloaded!  In the real world not all workbooks run at sub-five second refreshes plus the constantly changing data would be highly troublesome & annoying for in-situation analysis.


                Now, in the case of presenting the user will the freshest, newest data available when they open a workbook on the Tableau Server then, yes, Refresh more often is what you want.  You'll lose the benefit of caching for other workbooks that aren't refreshed as often so it is a trade-off.

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