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    Using Multiple sheets as a filter in a single dashboard

    Abdullah Alazwari



      I have attached a dashboard which represents the sales for two different year from different aspects which are Segment, Product, Sub-Product and Company name



      I used all the sheets in the dashboard as a filter.


      I want to go deep in the analysis. So, when I click on the Segment it shows me which products generating the more money in 2017 and when I click on the Product it will shows me the sub-Product and customers for this product in the selected segment. Also, I might do backward analysis i.e. I want to click on a product and see for what segment we are performing well in this product. and so on.


      However, It uses only one filter at a time. when I click on the Segment then the product it removes the segment filter and keep the product filter.


      I appreciate any solutions and if you have any suggestions on how to present the data please feel free to play around with the attached file.


      I'm only using Tableau for 2 months.


      Thanks in advance.