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    PostgreSql Time zone

    Jeff Bryant

      I'm sure this discussion has been beaten to a pulp, I've read a number of posts on it prior to submitting here, but I'll try asking anyway.


      We have built out a number of dashboards on a locally hosted Tableau server which utilizes data connections against a Postgresql server hosted by a third party.  Since the underlying tables contain a fairly significant number of records (3million+) we are exploring the feasibiility of utilizing extracts of the data to

      1. Speed up refreshes for the end user
      2. Reduce the overhead required on the Postgres server by reducing the number of direct data inquiries from end users


      The initial impression has been very good with a minor caveat.  When viewing two versions of the same Viz, the only difference being the data connection (one Live vs. one Extract), we're not seeing the latest version of the data (within an hour) in the extract version.


      I've tried manually refreshing the extract, I can see the last updated time in the Admin Portal, but the data from the last <n> hours is always missing from the extract.  The extract is scheduled to be updated every 15 minutes and while I am seeing new data added, the data is never close in time to the data I see in the Live version.


      The key for adding new records in the incremental update was a date field.  I changed this to a UUID field thinking it might address the issue but it did not.


      I'm a little puzzled on this.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.