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    Tableau formula calculation

    Tyler Xn

      Hi everyone,


      Happy holiday!


      New to Tableau, having trouble to find case example.


      I am trying to build a "formula", half of the factors are from dropdown selection and half of the factors are loaded from excel.

      Say my formula is output = x*a + y*b + z*c, x,y,z are numbers separately selected from dropdown (and of course the all possible numbers of x, y, z are loaded from excel), assume x,y,z each has 100 possible numbers in its dropdown and user could select one by one.


      a,b,c are preloaded from excel, they are pure numbers as well, and no multiple choice. Treat them as constant.


      My goal is to build a Tableau that user select x,y,z from dropdowns, and apply them and a,b,c to the formula I mentioned above, and then present the output to user.


      Can anyone share your thought or public example? I am new to Tableau, so far I could not find any relevant example. Maybe coz of wrong key word searching.


      Thank you in avance!