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    Row data missing from joined table

    Aaron Gourlay

      Hi Guys

      I am trying to create a calculation on my membership data.


      I have joined 4 tables as per the below image.

      I created a formula to calculate the average spend: sum([Ticket GBP]) / COUNTD([MembershipNr])


      However the results looked wrong. So I created the calculations separately and compared to the previous tables I had created.


      COUNTD([Membership}) number on the joined tables does not count the whole membership total and I surmised that it may be only including those that have spent in the period that i was looking at.


      I changed the join type on the fl_members table to full outer to see if that made a difference but same results. 


      Does anyone have an idea on this?


      Thanks in advance



      Tableau 10.4 64bt, Redshift/Spectrum