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    Excel Export Icon, Dynamically export the data on dashboard based on filters applied.

    Bayapa Reddy

      Hi All,


      I have a challenging scenario, where i have to export the data based on the filters applied on dashboard into CSV by clicking on Excel Icon.


      I have prepared a Excel Icon from this link, but here the problem is data is Static, not working if apply the filters.






      Exporting to csv file on clicking Excel icon button in Tableau dashboard


      On my dashboard i have two sheets separately for category and subcategory wise data. i have four filters like Year , Quarter, Hub, Project type filters.


      So based on the my filters applied on the dashboard data gets exported by clicking on the export excel icon. we have passed URL link on the actions, but that URL is working as a Static URL , not passing the filter values through the export .


      I have tried with pulling Excel icon from Sheet and Inserted the Excell Icon from Image objects of dashboards.


      I appreciate your help in advance Jonathan Drummey Yuriy Fal  arvindgarg  Jeff Pettiross   Happy Christmas to all of you in advance.