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    can we add numerical dimension value to reference line

    anil saini

      Hi Experts,


      Can we add a numerical dimension which has two values as reference line.


      Like for example i have sensor's data

      and each sensor has multiple threshold limits, if sensor cross the specific limits then alarm get triggered.


      so i have data in my limits table like this

      in this, sensor1 has two limits(lower and upper limits)




      now i have temp data as well, and both the table are being joined by sensor_id field



      and this is how i joined these two tables



      and below is how i add the reference line

      drag the limit field in details-> right click on y axis-> add reference line..


      but as these two limits field are my dimension, so there will not appear line value option of reference line popup

      as only the measures appear here


      When i tried converting my these two limits filed to measure and drag them to detail, now it will apear in above screen.


      but they are dimension, and reference line uses measures filed and on measure there has to be some aggregation, and i can't aggregate my limits field as they it doesn't make sense.



      Can anyone has a solution or workaround to how to add dimesion as a reference line


      NOTE:- Its ok if that dimension field has 2 or more distinct values, my aim to show all values as multiple reference line in the same graph.



      Thanks in advance, attached is the workbook with the data