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    Run TABCMD Cammand

    Saket Krishna



      1. Please let me know what setup is required to run TABCMD from window client machine. Do i need to install something on my laptop to run TABCMD or It can be run only on Tableau Server Machine.

      2. To run TABCMD what type of access is required do I need to have Server Administrator or Site Administrator is just fine.




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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Saket,


          There is a separate installer for TABCMD.  Below is a link to OnlineHelp that gives a nice overview of how to use the tool and where you can download the installer:




          Unlike tabadmin, tabcmd can be run on a different computer outside of the Tableau cluster.   Because of this for each tabcmd session you need to specify server as well as the user/password that you're trying to login with. Site Administrator is fine but of course if there are any commands that are unique to Server Admin you won't be able to run those commands due to permissions.

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