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    To check all values of a column are same to include or eliminate such scenarios on the report.

    Adi Nalla

      Hi guys,


      I don't know If this is a simple question or not. I have the data similar to the following,


      Order ID        Order Item     Order Status

      AAA1             APRSS           Cancelled

      AAA1             MTSHP           Cancelled

      AAA1             UHCBV           Cancelled

      BBB2             GHSMC          Active

      BBB2             OKCPM          Complete

      BBB2             MTHDG          Cancelled


      I am trying to eliminate Order ID's If all Order Status of that particular Order were 'Cancelled'. For our data only 'BBB2' Order ID should appear on the report, because 'AAA1' has got all Orders Cancelled.

      Let me know how to achieve this. Thanks in Advance.