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    Piechart - highlighting slide based on filter

    narasimha br

      Need help on highlighting a pie chart based on a filter of a different chart.


      I have created a pie chart containing 4 slices which depicts let us say headcount for 4 regions.. The regions also have a manager associated and there is a spend amount for each manager.


      The dashboard contains only two charts, one the pie chart and second the spend for the manager...The pie chart shows the headcount as well as the percentage compared to the overall headcount of all the 4 regions.


      When I select only one manager in the filter, the spend chart shows spend for that selected manager and the pie chart also reflects this change in the sense that since only one manager is selected, there is a filled circle showing a headcount and percentage as 100 or if I have selected two managers, the pie charts shows the two slices with headcount but the %age of head count is divided between the two visible slices such that the total %age is 100.


      My requirement is that when I select two managers in the filter, the spend chart will reflect spend for both the managers. However the pie chart should only highlight the managers selected in the filters but the slices for the unselected managers should be greyed out...

      Have attached sample workbook. Please can somebody help ?


      required pie chart.png